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One of the things that makes me shake with anger and rage what I call “storytelling.”
Someone who is so consumed in someone else’s life that they have to continually go on and on making up stories to make their life seem so glamorous.
Hunny, I’ve made mistakes but I don’t regret anything. You live and you learn than you move on, it’s actually pretty simple. When I was younger, I became pro at holding grudges and dislike others for what they do to me. Now, if someone pushes my buttons or makes me angry, I’ll let my anger fill my body and feel my rage. Than, I’m over it.
I’ve learned that the people that truly care about you won’t hurt you; they will tell you the truth and it may hurt, but it is never intended to break you. When people want to hurt you to break you, it’s easier to smile in their face; because the last thing they want to see is you being happy while they’re putting their energy into hurting you.
Plus too, I take pride into making people miserable who are trying to hurt me without doing anything but smiling and enjoying my life.

Our puppy loves BIG sticks rather than fetching a dang ball.

The other day I asked my fiancé about what he wants to go to school for. He really surprised me when he said “well I think you should go first because I know having your animal shelter is something that we’ll be doing together, plus too you’re smart.”
My fiancé truly is amazing. He throws me compliments like monkeys throw their crap at their enemies. (so Amy Farafowler says.) His soul is so pure, heart so ever warm and gentle, and so full of love and positivity! He’s always the first to cave when we are giving each other thee oh-so-famous silent treatment after an argument. I wish I was half the nice person he is.
I love this guy.
My only wish is for other people to experience having such an amazing partner in life like me.

When I first moved to Alaska to be with my boyfriend, I’d cried myself to sleep pretty much every night for almost a year. I miss the sound of my parents snoring down the hall, my sister snoring next to me, my brothers presence in my life daily, my dog barking at people walking past my house; I missed my HOME. I missed my family, and only MY family. I regretted moving away. It once got to the point where I blamed my boyfriend for taking me away from them.
You see, I didn’t and don’t have much friends. I can count the people I call TRUE friends on one hand. The only people that was really there for me through literally everything, was my Ohana. They never judged me, they never stopped loving me no matter how bad I messed up. They’re the only ones that matter.
When my little sister was born 4 months after moving up here, I wanted to pack my bags and leave. I was gonna hop on a plane and leave Alaska behind. I wasn’t about to miss my baby sisters life.
I’m afraid of my sister not knowing who I am. I’m afraid of something happening in my family and me not getting there in time. I’m afraid of missing out on all important events, big or small.
Than i realized, no good is going to come of me going home. Where traffic is worse, the overpopulation causing HORRIBLE traffic, it’s way to expensive for my boyfriend and I to have a comfortable living. I want to travel the world.
So instead, I plan to improve and progress. Make my family proud of me. I realized how much my boyfriend needs me and it’s time for me to make my life my own. My family, no matter the distance, will always be there for me in my heart where they belong.

Don’t be jealous of anyone. I guarantee you, if everyone walked into a room, and dumped their problems onto the floor, when they saw what everyone else’s problems were, they’d be scrambling to get their own problems back before someone else got to them first.
Kim Gruenenfelder, A Total Waste of Makeup (via naturallydope)

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